We have assisted major companies and important developers on the real estate market concerning their tax issues, providing them with specialized assistance during tax inspections. We have also issued legal opinions on delicate and controversial matters and have represented clients in tax contentious procedures in front of the competent courts. We have participated in the negotiation with the tax authorities of optimum solutions for our clients.

The main projects achieved by our attorneys at law:
- legal assistance of a commercial company for the transfer of the ownership of an immovable – office building – so that, in terms of tax, the whole operation was considered as non-taxable in terms of VAT, having the nature of a transfer of assets according to art. 128 of the Tax Procedure Code;
- assistance of a major real estate developer in the challenges filed by the same against the taxation decisions issued by the tax authorities establishing its obligation to collect and transfer VAT to the state budget;
- assistance of a large alcohol producer in the challenges filed against the tax inspection report and the taxation decision establishing its obligation to pay additional amounts as excises following the change of tariffs of its products.

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