Insolvency & Reorganization

We have accumulated experience in insolvency and restructuring by assisting the companies in distress and by advising them with regard to the judicial reorganization possibilities for economic redress and for turning their assets to account in optimum conditions. We have also provided legal assistance both to debtors and creditors in the judicial procedures conducted in front of the syndic judge. At the same time, we have closely cooperated with the insolvency practitioners in finding favorable solutions for our clients.

The major projects we have been involved in are:
- assistance in the procedure of reorganization of a company operating an important chain of fast food restaurants. Our activity implied, besides other activities specific to the insolvency procedure, also bringing, in the debtor’s name, several actions in court against third persons for the reinstatement of its estate and the success of the reorganization plan;
- assistance a major shipping company in its commercial relations, in capacity as creditor, which the same had to continue with the debtor in insolvency, so that the latter can reorganize its activity. Our services included the negotiation of important transportation contracts in the name of the insolvent debtor, as well as the establishing, by agreement with the other creditors, of a preferential schedule of payment of the receivables arisen from the agreements so concluded.

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