Disputes & Arbitration

Our attorneys at law have vast experience in this area, covering a wide range of disputes. Thus, we have provided legal assistance and representation in a very large number of complex cases in civil law, professionals, insolvency, labor law, intellectual property, tax, criminal law, real estate, family law. Our experience also covers the alternative methods of dispute resolution, especially the ones of institutional or ad hoc arbitration.

Thus, the attorneys at law of our firm have been involved in the settlement of major arbitral disputes conducted according to procedural rules issued by the various national and international institutions in this field.

The main projects in which we have been involved include:
- representation of the largest Romanian producer of aluminum in a series of disputes concerning the annulment of the general meetings’ resolutions, initiated by certain minority shareholders;
- representation of the largest Romanian harbor operator in a series of disputes in the matter of the annulment of the general meetings’ resolutions, initiated by one of the shareholders;
- representation of a large oil producer from Constanța County in the disputes between the shareholders, regarding the structure of the administration bodies in case of abusive takeover of the management by a part of the minority shareholders;
- representation, both of Beneficiaries and Contractors, in front of the Arbitral Tribunal attached to the International Chamber of Commerce from Paris, in the disputes arisen from the performance of Red Book and Yellow Book FIDIC contracts;
- representation of large construction contractors in the disputes with the beneficiaries for the payment for the works executed. - representation of one of the associates of a limited liability company, holder of a contract for insurance of the airport maintenance services, in the dispute concerning the company’s dissolution at the request of the other associate;
- representation of various commercial companies in disputes in the matter of the recovery of receivables amounting to millions of Euros.

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