Professionals & Corporate Law

Our team has gained vast experience in professionals and corporate law, providing overall legal assistance to the companies with whom it has cooperated, from their establishment, by drawing up their articles of incorporation, bylaws and resolutions of the corporate bodies to their assistance in the dissolution procedures.

We have also assisted the shareholders in the General Meetings and in the disputes between them in relation to the fulfillment of the obligations derived from the companies’ articles of incorporation and from the resolutions of the general meetings.

The main projects we have been involved in include:
- legal assistance in the establishment of a privately managed pension fund, which activity included the drawing up of the articles of incorporation and of the other documents necessary for the registration of the company and for obtaining the various approvals of the Private Pension Supervisory Commission;
- legal assistance of an investor in the process of construction of a unit producing wind energy in Constanța County. In this project our attorneys at law represented the client both in the negotiation of the financing agreement concluded with an important investment fund and in the conclusion of the contracts for the construction of the engineering and electrical part of the project, as well as of the wind turbines.

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